Pacifier subscription

Do you like to make your everyday life easier with kids around? Do you find it easy to forget to update the pacifier selection regularly? No worries, we can help!

With the pacifier subscription you will receive a fresh set of pacifiers automatically in every six weeks! Just choose the models and colours, it's very easy!

1. Choose the model
2. Choose all the colours you like and tic the boxes. We will ship you a changing selection every month.
3. Choose the amount. we recommend 4pc per child per 6 weeks. this way you have enough pacifiers for your little one.

Please note that you can only order subscription products in this order. If you want to order something else too, you need to place a separate order

We will ship a changing selection of pacifiers to you every six weeks, from the colour selection you chose. you can update, change or cancel the order by logging in to your account in our website. You need to cancel the order 7 days before the next. Shipped pacifiers can not be returned once shipped (hygiene product)

Orders will be paid with Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can create one while ordering. Paypal will charge your payment card automatically every 6 case the payment is declined the order will cancel automatically. 

Available pacifiers (photo is link):

Bibs colour

Bibs colour is the classic that has been manufactured for almost 50 years now. This is the favourite for many of our customers

Bibs De Lux

De Lux is a one size fits all silicone pacifier. This can be used by new borns as well as toddlers. Easy!

Bibs boheme

The new BIBS Boheme is so beautiful that it became our most sold item over night after it was published! No wonder!

This service is available for limited locations. Contact us if you have any questions!

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