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Designer: Fitwood

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Path The balance is a fun and creative track for children for children. It is designed to encourage children's creativity while supporting the development of motor skills, balance and coordination. Thanks to its various booms, it offers endless opportunities for building fun and challenging tracks. With the help of a balance course, the child can not only learn how to control his or her body through various altitude and directional changes, but also develops his or her own imagination when designing and studying different track options. The booms can be built into ice cream, car, bear or lemon -shaped tracks - only the imagination is the limit!

The path of the balance is available in three sets of different sizes - S, M and L. All sets consist of different booms and spacers. There are a total of four different booms: long straight, short straight, long winding and curved. There are two different types of spacers and can be stacked on top of each other to make higher courses.


Path S is the perfect option for young children who have already learned to walk and are ready to start developing their own balance and coordination ability. We recommend starting balance training by first setting the booms on the floor without spacers.


When the child already has some experience in body control and walking on booms, Path M is a great choice for raising the challenge level and building the first tracks. Mr M can also be easily added to supplement the existing S set when the child is ready to move to the next level. This increases the number of different variations and there are new routes to be explored.


For more experienced balancers and fearless track designers, we have a path L, which has a total of eight booms and ten spacers to build the most imaginative entities. L is the best choice, especially when more children want to play on the balance track at the same time, or if you want to offer your child more options for building different entities. Remember that you can also always buy extra booms or spacers from our online store to replenish your existing set, or to build your own unique whole!

S / 2 booms, 3 spacers
M / 4 booms, 6 spacers
L / 8 booms, 10 spacers

Age recommendation The path to the balance is +12 months.

The maximum load of one boom is 60 kg. The path is designed in Finland and made from a responsible birch plywood produced in the EU. It has a two -year warranty for private use.