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An effective long hanging canopy. A beautiful element it the children's room. It can be used as a unique decoration of a baby cot, as well as it can create a wonderful place to play. Hanging over the cot protects the baby against too much light and noise creating a cosy and safe place to rest inside the cot. The canopy can be easily mounted to the ceiling. The length of 260 cm allows arranging the ends on the floor. This creates a perfect hiding place and playground for older children. 

The canopy is made of Okotex certificated, 100% cotton fabric. On the sides, there are practical ribbons for tying the canopy and create a beautiful tent. The rim on the top can be removed. 

The set includes:- Cotton canopy- Polypropylene rim

Size:- Length - 260cm- Rim diameter Ø 52cm.

The fabric is washable by 30 Degrees.

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Malliltaan aivan upea vuodekatos ja ihastuin katoksen yksityiskohtiin. Suuri pettymys oli väri. Ei vastannut mielestäni lainkaan kuvan väriä ja kerkesin testaamaan vuodekatosta kattoon niin etten enään pystynyt palauttaa.